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Yellow wall fixture Kilmoppe for childrens’ room decor

Klimoppe is a cool wall fixture, that likes to climb your walls.

This wall fixture comes with a Moth lampshade. It also has:
– 2 wooden buttons + fixtures (bolts and plugs)
– a wooden stem
– 3,5 m textile cord
– porcelain socket, EU plug and switch.
(please note that US customers need to install a US plug or use a travel adapter)

With the wooden stem you can adjust the distance between the paper lampshade and the wall. The wooden stem stays in position because of the friction with the cord.

You can also use the wooden buttons as ceiling hooks to guide your cord along your ceiling.

Klimoppe with Moth Lamp in pink + yellow cord
Designed by Kenneth and Nellianna

Delivery time: 7/10 days

Wall lamp in yellow




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