About us

Peek & Pack means the dreamt project by Susana and Carlos. Both of us are recognized as truly aesthetes and passionate with things well designed and done. Susana, with over 10 years of experience, bachelor in the arts world, decides to jump into a closely related field , decorating , working with the best design firms worldwide. Meanwhile, Carlos, has a long experience of over 15 years in business development and management in different fields (IT , textile , sales, … ) .

In short, perfect tandem, successful team .
Since Martina and Nicolás , our kids came into our lives, we decided to launch into the adventure of creating PEEK & PACK , after the frustrating experience in looking for unique pieces for Martina’s bedroom itself. Searching , searching, we found out some real gems from specific and exclusive designers for the “smallers” 

Peek & Pack searches and selects authentic décor pieces and exclusive gadgets to create magic and special spaces  for “Niños no Noños”.

Enjoy the experience.


PEEK & PACK flees from becoming blockbusters. On a monthly basis, you’ll find a selection of new pieces and designers. “We are dedicated to search all around the world objects that mean something else, pieces that enclose an idea inside, and makes themselves quite different,…, those ones will be part of our PEEK & PACK catalogue“. 
The best in decoration, lighting, gadgets and a selection of art works.

Our entire process from finding out each piece / designer, our branding process, website, packaging, shipping, along with personal and close service to all our clients, will make buying through PEEK & PACK an unique experience, outcome from a mix of elegance, design and a pinch of magic. If you’d like to keep updated about all our news, submit your subscription and be the first one to find it out .