We tailor a services package to align with each of our client’s needs. We understand each project to be unique, and adapt  our working process to make it happen. We are perfectionists and encourage our clients with the same flavour, while assuring their project will be driven as our own.. We are committed to designing and delivering beautiful and timeless work that endures, and we will do everything possible to ensure it is an enjoyable process for our clients that always exceeds their expectations.

 Our team of beauty and adventure seekers offers a full-service, interior design, project management, furniture selection and styling. We can take you through each phase, or just select stages of the process.

Private Design Consulation

Based on our selected range of furniture, details and lightning from premium brands around the world, we create individual design solutions for your personal preference and taste. The assignment may broadly range from how to specifically decorate a single room, or how to furnish an entire house.


Decor Spaces


We carry out complete decoration projects for very special environments: rooms for your kids.

If you wish to create a magical space for a true “niño no ñoño”, Peek&Pack is the answer to your needs. For any question about our special projects, do not hesitate to contact us by email.


Buy exceptionally good taste

We know, after many years “educating the eye”, our team of beauty seekers have acquired a good command of good taste. We propose a unique consultancy job in which we will give you the keys to achieve a unique project. Colours, style, unique pieces, selection of materials… in short, get our good taste buying Peek&Pack.