Torremato Narciso Wall Lamp


Designed by Dario Gaudio for Torremato.

Narciso is a beautiful and particulary collection of lamps. Emerging designer Dario Gaudio, native of Puglia but adopted in Milano, is familiar with let different cultures live together. With Narciso amazingly re-interprets a cult that contributed to the history of fashion at the end of 19th Century: Clochè, the elegant hat, also called “the empress’ hat” has been reinvented into a contemporary lamp with actual finishing and functional details (devices), directing into different functions for a wide range of environments and applications.
Available in two colors: light blue and light pink
Light source:
G9 1x Max 25W

Dimensions: ø. 13,7 cm – P. 23,9 cm – H. 16,5 cm

Delivery in 2 weeks.

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Light Blue, Light Pink

Torremato Narciso Wall Lamp