Corps Céleste Wallpaper Bien Fait x Alix Waline


Bien Fait


Working on the rhythm and balance of suspended forms that brush against each other,
touch or tangle, Alix Waline puts the light to music to better question the senses and perception. Drawn in pencil, ink and felt-tip pen, these shapes inspired by minerals give rise to this modular panoramic.

Standard formats (for other sizes, to quote):

Single strip L.120 x H.280 cm
Small: L.180 x H.280 cm (3 strips of 60cm x H.280cm)
Medium: L.240 x H.280 cm (4 strips of 60cm x H.280cm)
Large: L.360 x H.280 cm (6 strips of 60cm x H.280cm).


Delivery in 4 weeks.

Additional information


120, 180, 240, 360

Corps Celéste Bien Fait x Alix Waline


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