Chalana Wallpaper Little Cabari


Little Cabari


Chalana means “the walk” in Hindi. This design is a tribute to the travels in this fabulous country that is India. Elephants, monkeys and sacred cows live in symbiosis with these characters dressed in costumes that are each more beautiful than the next.

Features matte nonwoven paper:
Sales unit: 50cmx10mts roll (5m2)
Vertical connection 94,12cm horizontal 50cm
Weight: 150gr/ Sq mts
Composition: 100% nonwoven
Non-fire index : BS1DO (M1)

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Options: Topaz, Emerald, Citrine and Ruby

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Topaz, Emerald, Citrine, Ruby

Chalana Wallpaper Little Cabari


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