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Plom Gallery

Plom Gallery. The power of Art!

PLOM Gallery is a contemporary art gallery specializing in art for children. PLOM Gallery defends the power of art as a tool for training and human development of children encourages creativity, imagination, the culture of effort and self-esteem. Art, plus an aesthetic exercise, in PLOM Gallery has a pedagogical role in the walls of our small collectors.

An unique feature of the project is to include, in addition to the certificate of authenticity, a deed that will name the child possessor of the piece, thus making him as owner of the artwork and inaugurating his collection of art. Beyond the game that this may entail, the goal is to create an emotional bond between the child and art, teaching him to appreciate and enhance their understanding and presence in the day. We understand art as an active tool in the human, cultural and emotional development.
Peek & Pack works with Plom Gallery, with a selection of some works from their gallery, now available on the web.