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Quality and sustainability.

Nofred is a danish design studio known for its modern, stylish and high quality range of kids furniture with a worldly outlook and a humble intake, with a desire to make the view from your front room a little wider and your life at home more spacious. Inspired by the stuff of souvenirs, snapshots and unfamiliar scenes, their ideas are born out of fleeting moments and yet their products are designed to live with you and your family long term.

Quality must go hand in hand with sustainability, so their products are designed and made by themselves, and trusted partners at home and away. With them, we hope to help you create a small oasis within your home, to make it your favourite place of peace and happiness on our shared planet. They seek to remind you to nurture an open mind and keep exploring, because sometimes, keeping moving is the best way to stay stable.

And at Nofred, we believe it is the little things that make up the big picture.