Enter into the Leggybuddy world!

Most of us grew up carrying around our favourite teddy, doll, toy, or maybe even a blanket, just like small Peanuts Linus. And most of us still somewhere keep our favourite childhood thing.

Because it was more than a thing. It was a buddy. And real buddies should never be thrown away.

Leggybuddies are created to become your lifetime buddy. What once was just a toy, later transfers into your favourite home accessoire. No matter how far in life you will go, your leggybuddy is there to show you the importance of being forever a kid at heart.

Enter into the Leggybuddy world – a world in which childhood matters forever.

We want leggybuddies, to be friends, real buddies. You just don’t throw away your friend – do you?

If you decide to buy a leggybuddy take good care of her or him. Remember that a devoted person sat long hours while the little character was formed in her fingers and finally came to you to fill your heart with joy and your house with laughter.

Each Leggybuddy original product is meticolously designed in Switzerland and handcrafted in Switzerland and EU.

When designing our products we always keep the children safety in focus. We use natural materials like 100% cotton and wool which are ÖKO-TEX certificated.