La case de cousin Paul

Light up your imagination!

A great idea that goes round…

Paris, March 2001

He’s been living in Paris for 5 years now and has been working to pay his rent and all the rest. She’s been living in Paris for a year, has been studying drama and worked to pay her rent and go to the cinema with her girlfriends.

They bump into each other … and they fall in love. While drinking Ti’Punch at La Fourmi, one of them blurts out : “What if we took a trip around the world?”. The other said, “OK”. so they save and scrape for nearly two years and as they are still in love, they get married before going on their world tour.

When they come back, ten months later, they have brought back loads of pretty decorative balls, and have given them away to their friends. And to their parents’ friends too. And everybody said: “Wow! These balls are so cool!”.

So they went to the bank and said: “We want to sell balls!” Of course, the bank manager asked them if they had some money. They said:”No! We have spent it all!” So the bank manager also said no!

They did go back to the bank and they said they wanted to buy a car. This time the bank manager said:” Ok, but only a small one.”Then they found a nice lady who accepted to let them a small shop in Montmartre.

In the meantime a baby was born ! And as they named him Paul, they decided to call their shop “La case de Cousin Paul”!

And that’s the whole story!