We who keep on fantasizing and illustrating

The name KAJAKAJA springs from a fascination of jackdaws which in swedish translates to Kaja. The jackdaw has brought upon a bad reputation since it in history has been referred to as a “coin-eater” and a snatcher, but in reality the jackdaw is a highly intelligent, social and affectionate bird. During their first spring as adults the jackdaw sets out to find a mate who it develops a strong and life long partnership with. Pretty cute, don’t you think? 
We are inspired by the mystique and the enthralling landscape and fauna of the northern part of Sweden. The deep and dark forrest is spooky and enchanting at the same time. Who (and what) exist and live in there? Besides the animals we know of maybe there are other undiscovered creatures and beings dwelling in the forrest? Perhaps there are tiny little busters in the marchers? 
Our posters are locally printed in Umeå by our cool friends at an eco-labelled printer’s office called Original. We have a limit of 200 posters per motif and we always make sure to number each poster digitally as well as manually with a stamp on the back to assure its authenticity. 
We who keep on fantasizing and illustrating behind the name Kajakaja are Emma Sandvik and Johanna Nordin