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Graviti Zone Rugs

GRAVITy Feels!

The two sisters, Mónica and Ana Ibáñez, founded GRAVITI ZONE RUGS at the beginning of 2008.

Everyone at the company is young and willing to communicate all their thoughts and ideas. They have a passion for textiles and design and coincidently reached a moment in their career when they decided to take control of their lives and begin doing what they really love.

The company was presented in May 2008 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and has been growing ever since, in the USA and even to Europe.

Quality and design are what matters to GRAVITI ZONE RUGS. We especially care for the wool quality, details and the finishing of each of our rugs.

GRAVITI ZONE RUGS has a strong commitment to the craftsmen and artisans she works with; ensuring fair wages, a healthy work environment and no child labor is used in the production of the rugs.