All grown-ups were one children...

GRAMPA is the identity of a homecoming and true values.
This choice induces for models: simples shapes, noble and natural materials that cross through time but also a profound respect for the human throughout the production process while remaining very concerned with the quality of products and their origin.

GRAMPA is created in 2014 by Valerie: bargain hunter in flea market for years and decorator and Delphine: stylist, graduated from Studio Berçot in PARIS.
Mother and daughter are working in the very present shadow of their father and grandfather Pierre BEAUMONT. He left them an heritage of strong values such as: respect, hard work, honesty but also fantasy and love of beautiful things.

Originally a simple evidence, the room of a child must be a small world, benevolent territory sleep, dreams and games as it is the scenery of the foundation of his imaginary.

There was a short step to create, their signature line in a playful, minimalist and poetic spirit and offer them room decorations, accessories and soft bed linens, modern but timeless with a single priority: The CHILD.

The “Happy little world for kids” imagined by GRAMPA is a mix of previously unreleased models that highlights strong visuals such as our wall decorations or this funny leather sardines garland: First small fishing trophy!

“All grown-ups were once children, but few of them remember it.”