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Let’s never forget the first time we met.

BEdesign is a young and innovative company founded by the sisters Bette and Cilla Eklund in 2012. It has its roots deeply in the Finnish architecture, arts and design. Great emphasis is put in aesthetics, functionality as well as outstanding quality materials. All products are created and manufactured in Finland. Bette is responsible for the product design and developing the artistic vision of the company, while Cilla is responsible for the business development. Both sisters, are passionate about nature, having grown up on a farm and spent their childhood being surrounded by animals and outdoor life.


For us, it is very important that the products we design will bring joy to for years to come. For us, this means creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This also means designing modern yet timeless products of high-quality materials that are sustainable. The materials we use are chosen for their durability and suitability to the intended use. Our matter of heart is a well-crafted product that is well thought out down to the smallest details. The journey from idea to product can sometimes be a long one while the simplest line drawn on a piece of paper can be the beginning of a future classic. For us, having grown up on a farm, surrounded by animals and outdoor life, nature’s ingenuity works as a constant source of inspiration and strength for our everyday living.

All our products are designed and created in Finland by skilled craftsmen. We are closely involved with the process, and with each working step, witnessing the amount of heartfelt work being put in to these products. Hours of designing, crafting and fine-tuning – resulting in the ‘wow’ moment – the finished product, that is made for you.