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Beauregard Paris

Beauregard ... on floors. This is her story.

Beauregard … on floors. This is her story…

From our roots to our future. The finding of a given time, summer of 2013, with his ailments and his laughter, our time pushes us towards a personal revolution. A perspective changing, think, compare and decide. Plus stock, more frantic production, only the desired, the chosen. Reintroduce for not having to produce. As a work made of love for work well done, that of craftsman, mixed with that of a creator, dreaming of a world luxury. YES to patience, YES to close, YES to exchange, YES to timelessness, YES to individuality, YES to future simple.

It was a time that we combine the present, one of the lesser choice for calming rhythm, that of laying to put the time in suspension; and speak to future generations from a beautiful floor to an open wall.

Aurelia Paoli graduated from ESMOD International in 2002 and specializes in textile design at Central Saint Martin’s School in 2004.
It opens very early universe its visual identity and picture collections ‘capsule’ which manages the art direction.
It collaborates with New Balance, LE66, CLVII, X-Creation, Apartment 217, BHV, Carlin Int., Manhattan Toy, Tai Ping Carpets …
She regularly works in the sectors of decoration, design and accessory.
In 2012, she decided to create a coating line for walls and floors. She founded Beauregard and launches its first collection of tiles 1.3, noted for its quality, its forms and its unique graphic design.