Himal Rug




The quality of the wools, the strict attention to detail, and the care that goes into each of MUSKHANE’s products bring forth our line of unique objects, infused with softness and harmony.

Care Instructions:
All of our felted rugs are very easy to care. They should be vacuumed or brushed regularly. An excess of wool may appear at the beginning but will quickly disappear.
In case of stain the rug should be cleaned immediately with a damp sponge and soap. Do not let the stain penetrate the felt. Our rug can also be washed abundantly with water in a bath or a shower by rubbing it with soap. Squeeze after rinsing, without wringing too hard. Dry on a flat surface, preferably under the sun, making sure the shape of the rug is maintained by flattening it with your hands.

Himal Rug 160×200

Color: Ivory and Grey

Himal Rug by Muskhane


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