Jellyfish Paper Lantern


Vasili Lights


A colorful paper lantern for every kid’s room
The beautifully designed Fish Paper Lantern by Vasili Lights creates a soft and warm glow that adds atmosphere to any room. The lampshade, inspired by the goldfish, casts extraordinary light patterns onto the walls and ceilings thanks to its small perforations.
Delivered as a flat-pack to reduce waste, the DIY kit becomes a colorful three-dimensional lampshade in no time. Simply pop the shapes out of the template, fold the polygons at the perforated line, and connect them with glue.

The DIY kit includes thirteen pre-cut and perforated templates made of strong and durable 300gr paper, and step-by-step instructions. The templates clearly show where to fold and glue, so that construction of your new lampshade is easy and enjoyable.
The lampshade will fit around your existing ceiling light bulb.
Only use an energy-saving or LED light bulb.
We recommend a bulb with a maximum of 11 Watt and 400lm (lumen).
Cord set, bulb and glue are not included.
We suggest using a white/wood glue.
Size: 31 cm by 30,5cm by 48cm high
12″ by 11,8″ by 18,9″ high
Weight: 0,4 kg
Color: Pink, Mint and yellow

Delivery 10/15 days

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White, Blue, Black, Pink, Mint, Yellow

Jellyfish Paper Lantern