Moth XL paper origami lamp Mint


Studio Snowpuppe


Nightlights for kids Moth paper Lamp Mint for kids design.

The Moth XL is the large version of the Moth.

This lamp shade is folded with utmost precision out of 1 piece of special FSC Butterfly paper.

The strong folds play with the light.

The lamp shade gives smooth, cozy light. It is very suitable for above the dining table for everyday use.

The lampshade fits around a standard energy-saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb.
We recommend a LED lightbulb which is better for nature because there is no mercury in LED lightbulbs.

The dimensions of this lamp shade are:

-40 cm / 15,8 inch height;
-40 cm / 15,8 inch diameter.

Cord: sand (3 meters)

Paper origami lamp


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