Kids furniture wolf shelf Bedesign
Kids furniture wolf shelf BedesignKids furniture wolf shelf Bedesign

Wolf Shelf



Product Description

Fashionable furniture bookworm shelf for kids bedrooms Bedesign

This impressive-looking bookshelf is inspired by the wolf in the forest, and their noble nature, wich is reflected in the appearance of the shelf.

This playful-looking shelf is an eye-catcher and is ideal for storing smaller items, such as books, their favorite toys, and not only for Kids!  Also works as a stand-alone piece, like a piece of art.

Available in white and charcoal black.

Material: Metal

H: 55’5 cm W: 62’7 cm D: 21’5 cm

PRE-ORDER NOW: Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

Additional Information


Charcoal Black, White

Bookshelf  inspired by the wolf in the forest…