Mad Lab

Food for your soul...

Mad Lab believes design is a tool that emotionally binds end user, designer, artisan and industry in an unbreakable chain. Through our designs the end user can understand the entire process and appreciate the value of each link.

Mad Lab applies its philosophy of sustainability to all areas of our business; products are durable, of proven quality, made with certified materials and highly recyclable. Furthermore, they must be manufactured locally and with a vision of a better world for us all. Our ethos, “with what I have, what can I create?”, expands our horizons towards previously inconceivable heights.

Antonio Serrano lives and works in Madrid. His designs are timeless and inherent; they combine the careful selection of materials, together with intricate craftwork and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, whilst maintaining a high-ecological value. Materials propose thousands of possibilities – Antonio identifies and chooses the best of these possibilities and then combines them to make his designs. This careful identification and selection is a part of his philosophy as a designer.

“Language and the limits of material, whether natural or artificial,define an incalculable amount of design. Every man has the right to search for the limits of material in order to offer the world a new vision of transformed reality”

Antonio Serrano Bulnes